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EPCM(C): Managing Capital Projects for Mining

Here is the comprehensive, yet readable and often entertaining guide to Project Management, especially written for engineers, estimators, purchasing agents, senior managers, company presidents – in fact, anyone who bears some portion of responsibility for a project but needs a better understanding of how it all works. With more and more operating companies now increasing their involvement in capital projects, often by direct management, this kind of overall awareness has never been more important.

This book addresses the most important aspects of Project Management, including planning and scheduling, estimating, cost control, forecasting, procurement, contracts, reporting, and administration, as well as when and how to work with consultants. Problems, which often lead to delays and cost overruns, are examined, as are the best methods to avoid them. Charts and diagrams are used extensively throughout.

Whether or not you are using project management consultants, this book will prove to be an invaluable aid to success in capital projects.Contents:
  • Setting off in the Right Direction
  • The Science of Project Management
  • Stages of a Project
  • Use of Consulting Engineering Companies
  • How to Choose Engineering Companies
  • Plant Design
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Cost Control
  • Change Forecasting
  • Procurement
  • Specifications and Contracts
  • Construction Management
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Modus Operandi
  • Working with the Consultant
  • Commissioning and Startup
  • Looking Back
  • Looking Ahead
By Dan Mackie, P.Eng.; 291 pp; Published February 2005, by Saymwa & Ewe Communications Canada.

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