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EcoSSe 2D

EcoSSe is a package for statistical and geostatistical evaluation of spatial data relevant to all applications where samples have a location as well as measured values. Developed by partners with a combined experience of over 60 years in such analysis, EcoSSe is particularly suited to geostatistical applications with highly skewed sample values and/or trends in values. Environmental assessment, agriculture, fisheries, and earth sciences of all types benefit from geostatistical analysis and simulation methods.

No expert knowledge is needed to run this software and detailed tutorials and case studies are provided with the package.

This package, based on the renowned Geostokos Toolkit, contains the following features:

  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Histograms, scattergrams, nearest neighbor analyses
  • Calculation and interactive modeling of semi-variograms
  • Cross validation of semi-variogram model and kriging process
  • Ordinary, universal, lognormal, rank and indicator kriging
  • Conditional simulation for Normal and lognormal values
  • Principal components analysis, sequential gaussian simulation

If you wish to subscribe to the EcoSSe software, please visit EduMine.

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