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Exploration Modeling of Base Metal Deposits

This book investigates the geology, exploration, and economics of base metal deposits, particularly sedimentary rock-hosted Zn-Pb deposits. It is mainly based on the author's experience from his years in exploration and mining of zinc deposits in the Proterozoic era of India, but makes useful comparisons with other stratiform Zn-Pb-Ag deposits in Australia and Canada.

This is not a book about the genesis of base metal deposits, but covers the full spectrum of topics related to mineral exploration, from geologic concept to model assumption, and model parameters to exploration outcomes and deposit descriptions. It contains a wealth of useful information and the experienced mind of the author adds considerably to development of a relationship between ore deposit description and exploration philosophy and strategy. There is no doubt that this book will be a useful inclusion in the library of all mineral exploration companies, as it covers the theory and practice of developing models that are useful for exploration and development. It is a "must buy" for those involved in the exploration for stratiform Zn-Pb deposits.

Author: S.K. Haldar
Published in 2007 by Wide Publishing.
227 pages.
ISBN 9788131209851

About the Author:

S.K. Haldar has been a practicing veteran in the field of Exploration Geology for the past four decades. He received his doctoral degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. The major part of his career was focused on base metal exploration and mining. Dr Haldar is also a recipient of Dr. J. Coggin Brown Memorial (Gold Medal) for Geological Sciences by MGMI.

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