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Mine Rescue Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Mine Rescue Team Members

Let’s hope you never face a mine disaster. But if you do, you need expert help at your fingertips, and you need it NOW! Keep this book close at hand, just in case. Buy extra copies for your key management and safety staff, and make sure they read it before you need it.

Mine Rescue Manual, prepared and tested at the Colorado School of Mines, comes to the rescue with clear descriptions, step-by-step lists, best-practice benchmarks, and procedural diagrams.

This book will be your go-to guide if there’s an accident at your mine. Mine Rescue Manual will walk you through every contingency: properly dealing with mine fires, toxic gases, loss of oxygen, injured workers, and more. It covers how to stay in legal, regulatory, and National Incident Management System compliance when responding to and reporting an accident. Also included is an extensive section on mine recovery (and potentially resuming operations) in the aftermath.

Published by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, this well-organized manual is designed to help you address your emergency successfully, maximizing the protection of human life while minimizing the cost not only of rescue and recovery, but to your corporate reputation.


  • Introduction
  • The Team
  • Surface Operations and Incident Command
  • Equipment
  • Exploration
  • Firefighting
  • Ground Control
  • Communication
  • Gases and Ventilation
  • Victims
  • Mine Recovery
  • Team Safety

By Chris Enright and Robert L. Ferrier

Published by SME in 2015. 196 pages. Spiral bound.

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