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Mining History Bundle: Orphan Boy book and Going for the Gold DVD

The Orphan Boy, A Love Affair with Mining, by H. Court Young, is a book about a man who pursued his dream of being a miner. An educated man, a graduate geologist, this man orchestrated the reopening of a mine, after World War II, that was first opened in the 1880s. He followed a dream pursued by few at that time and even fewer today.

The mine is located along the Continental Divide at 12,000 feet in one of Colorado’s richest mining districts. You will read about this man’s life as a young lad, as a college graduate, a World War II pilot and then as owner/operator of the Orphan Boy mine.

You will enjoy “living the experience” of the crews working to reopen the Orphan Boy at 12,000 feet elevation. There are explanations of the challenges required to extract and transport the lead-silver-zinc ore from the mine to the smelter. In the end, several unexpected events involving the Orphan Boy make for a very interesting twist-of-fate for the man and his dream.

Going for the Gold is a 40 minute DVD that explains how mining was actually done by the thousands of men and women who settled and developed Colorado. Learn about drilling, from the double jacking techniques of the 1880s to the modern, air driven jackleg drills. See how blasting and mucking was, and still is done in a small mining operation. Narrated by the Phoenix Mine’s owner, Al Mosch, this DVD presents stories about his family that caught gold fever, starting with his grandfather in the 1870s.

As a bonus, you will also receive a free monthly subscription to H. Court Young's newsletter, Illume. This 1-2 page newsletter is intended to promote awareness about timely issues, focusing on energy, water, and mining, as well as writing and journaling.

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