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Proceedings of Mine Closure Solutions 2014 - Full Set of Papers

Complete proceedings of the Mine Closure Solutions 2014 conference, held in Ouro Preto, Brazil, April 26-30, 2014.

These proceedings contain 37 papers, covering topics such as mine closure legislation and regulations, closure approaches and technologies, and future technologies. Several case studies are also given.

Editor: Dirk van Zyl, University of British Columbia and InfoMine Inc., Canada


Chapter 1: Keynotes
Chapter 2: Legislation and Regulations
Chapter 3: Mine Closure Approaches
Chapter 4: Closure Technologies
Chapter 5: Case Studies
Chapter 6: Future Technologies and Processes

ISBN: 978-0-9917905-4-8
Copyright 2014, InfoMine Inc.

Table of Contents

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Papers (PDF)
Mine closure conception and process development dos and don'ts: A practical view from the Portuguese experience (CAD 10.00)
Anglo American holistic mine closure planning approach: Social, biophysical and financial (CAD 10.00)
Economic diversification and mine closure: An analysis of the Misima Mine case (CAD 10.00)
Integrated management experience of AngloGold Ashanti, Brazil (CAD 10.00)
National guide for the estimation of closure costs: The Chilean experience (CAD 10.00)
Public policies, interventions and results of mine closure in Portugal (CAD 10.00)
Effects of Fenton's reaction on sulfide oxidation of Brazilian coal mining residues (CAD 10.00)
Mining closure strategies to optimize capping of spoils and tailing lagoons (CAD 10.00)
Conceptual mine closure plan: Solution applied to the Juruti project (CAD 10.00)
Acid rock drainage (ARD)-generating waste piles closure: Guidelines for construction of soil cover field trials (CAD 10.00)
Partnerships and early planning with good science: The key to long-term ecological and socio-economic success (CAD 10.00)
Regional closure plans for iron ore mines: A new approach (CAD 10.00)
Subsidizing tailings and waste rock pile cover system design: First instrumented experiment results (CAD 10.00)
Closure cost estimating: An engineered approach (CAD 10.00)
Biological treatment of acid mine drainage in batch reactors: Evaluation of initial pH and metal precipitation (CAD 10.00)
An assessment of the NRM-20 mine closure regulation in Brazil (CAD 10.00)
The importance of a database for the mine closure plan (CAD 10.00)
Recent advances in slope monitoring radar for open-pit mines (CAD 10.00)
Rehabilitation and closure plan for a uranium mining complex in Brazil (CAD 10.00)
Importance of tailings properties for closure (CAD 10.00)
Integrated surface/subsurface models in support of mine closure planning (CAD 10.00)
Storage-release soil cover efficiency study under different hydrological conditions using 1D numerical models (CAD 10.00)
Monitoring criteria for mining assets in the post-closure period (CAD 10.00)
Consolidation and closure of artisanal mining processing plants in Portovelo, Ecuador (CAD 10.00)
Financial assurance for mine closure in Chile (CAD 10.00)
Water treatment technologies for rehabilitation purposes (CAD 10.00)
Management criteria and tools for inoperative iron mines (CAD 10.00)
Opportunities for future use in mine closure (CAD 10.00)
A probabilistic assessment of open-pit slope failures in the post-closure phase (CAD 10.00)
Configuring mine disturbed landforms for long-term sustainability (CAD 10.00)
Have the international guidelines for mine closure been internalized by the Brazilian legal framework? (CAD 10.00)
A comparative analysis between closure of tailings dams and environmental liabilities (CAD 10.00)
Legal and environmental aspects of the closure of dams used in mining activity in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil (CAD 10.00)
Risk assessment guideline for closure of mine facilities in Chile (CAD 10.00)
Metal leaching and mine waste environmental impact assessment (CAD 10.00)
Closure methodology applied to the Corrego do Meio iron ore mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil (CAD 10.00)
Capturing local citizens' perceptions of mine closure in Mongolia and assessing the socio-economic mine closure (SEMC) framework (CAD 10.00)
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