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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments

Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments was the first of a new conference series to share successes in mine water management in extreme environments. These Proceedings comprise an incomparable collection of papers on solutions to the challenges of mine water management in extremely dry settings, extremely wet settings, and extremely cold settings. Papers also deal with mines where the hydrogeological conditions are complex, and where the geochemistry is a major challenge.

These Proceedings contain 46 peer-reviewed papers written by authors from 17 countries. Topics include the theory of precipitation prediction, practical procedures for mitigating flooding, surface water and groundwater characterization, contaminant loading, impacts on receiving environments, water management and control, and mitigation engineering practices.

This is a book of abstracts with the full-length papers included in an enclosed CD.


  • Jack Caldwell, Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada
  • Jim Cassie, BGC Engineering, Canada
  • David Evans, MWH, Peru
  • Tom Kerr, Knight Piesold, USA
  • James Obermeyer, MWH, USA
  • Andrew Robertson, InfoMine and Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada
  • Shannon Shaw, pHase Geochemistry, Canada
  • Dirk Van Zyl, InfoMine and University of British Columbia, Canada

105 pp. Paperback. Published in 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9917905-0-0

Copyright: InfoMine Inc, 2013.

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About the conference:

The Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments conference was held April 15-17, 2013 in Lima, Peru.

The conference was organized by InfoMine Inc., in partnership with MWH.
InfoMine is the world leader in providing mining knowledge online, delivering content via our websites, through corporate intranets, and by email.
MWH is the world's leading water focused consultancy to the mining industry. The company provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, construction, construction quality assurance and program management services related to water, environmental, natural resources and infrastructure projects.

Also available as a digital book.

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