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Proceedings of the Heap Leach Solutions Conference 2013 - Full Set of Papers

The Heap Leach Solutions 2013 conference was held in Vancouver, Canada, September 22-25, 2013. The conference provided a forum for scientists and engineers to share technologies, practices and advances for establishing successful heap leach projects for a range of minerals in a variety of different climates.

This proceedings volume contains 46 fully reviewed papers. This volume reflects a synthesis of global knowledge, research and practical experience of heap leaching.

Conference themes included:

  1. Ore Characterization / Metallurgical Testwork
  2. Design and Construction
  3. Operations and Metal Recovery
  4. Closure and Post-closure
  5. Technology Developments

ISBN: 978-0-9917905-2-4
Copyright 2013, InfoMine Inc.

Table of Contents

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Papers (PDF)
Experience in heap leaching research work and technology development for oxidized ores from porphyry copper deposits (CAD 10.00)
Increasing heap leaching efficiency by ore breakage in high pressure grinding rolls (CAD 10.00)
Gold-containing minerals laboratory testing applicable to the heap leaching process (CAD 10.00)
Mobile heap leach stacking conveyor technology - higher capacity applications and adapting to IPCC and waste handling (CAD 10.00)
Applying distributed temperature sensing to the heap leach industry (CAD 10.00)
Optimum metal recovery from solutions: Design considerations (CAD 10.00)
The effect of elevated temperature on copper discharge performance during cold stripping of loaded carbon (CAD 10.00)
Operational techniques to recover metal values from heap inventory and in situ chemical alteration prior to closure (CAD 10.00)
Development of accurate metal production forecasts for a heap leach project using METSIM dynamic simulation and defensible column leach testing data (CAD 10.00)
Use of multi-depth and horizontal pan samplers to evaluate pregnant liquor solution chemistry in near real time (CAD 10.00)
The use of fiber optics and advanced wireline geophysics to determine pregnant liquor solution front, depth and velocity (CAD 10.00)
Lessons learned in heap leaching technology implementation (CAD 10.00)
Efficient heating of heap leaching solutions to minimize GHG emissions and cost of energy (CAD 10.00)
Pilot-scale drum agglomeration of an oxide ore with high fines and variable moisture (CAD 10.00)
A process flow sheet for an oxide gold heap leach facility to manage clayey ore within a limited land area (CAD 10.00)
Characterization of heap leach ores using dye penetration and mineralogical analysis (CAD 10.00)
Incorporating gangue and precipitation reactions within a comprehensive CFD model for copper heap leaching (CAD 10.00)
On the use of geotextile filters in heap leach pads (CAD 10.00)
A case study of the Ocampo Phase 1 heap leach expansion (CAD 10.00)
Structured geomembranes in mine applications (CAD 10.00)
Design considerations for geosynthetic clay liners in heap leach pad liner systems (CAD 10.00)
Design, construction, and performance of closure cover systems for spent heap leach piles - a state-of-the-art review (CAD 10.00)
Recent developments in mine storage pond LCRS design, construction, operation and monitoring (CAD 10.00)
Trends of large scale direct shear strength results for LLDPE-HDPE geomembrane/soil interfaces (CAD 10.00)
Conveying and stacking systems design for heap leach applications (CAD 10.00)
Sensitivity analysis of variably saturated flow and transport in a heap leaching operation (CAD 10.00)
Water balance and cost evaluation for different scenarios of impermeable covers (raincoats) in heap leach pad operations (CAD 10.00)
Heap leach pad design in very aggressive terrain (CAD 10.00)
Design and construction review of a heap leach pad for safe operation (CAD 10.00)
Options for post-closure heap leach fluid management (CAD 10.00)
Heap leach pads over waste rock facilities, a different solution in mountainous terrains and limited space (CAD 10.00)
Influence of berms and channels in the stability of heap leaching (CAD 10.00)
The importance of geomechanics to lateritic nickel heap leaching (CAD 10.00)
Effect of strongly acidic leachates on hydraulic conductivity of a needle punched geosynthetic clay liner (CAD 10.00)
Characterization and in situ monitoring of large scale heap leach fluid dynamics (CAD 10.00)
Ore permeability methods of evaluation and application to heap leach optimization (CAD 10.00)
Heap leach drainage improvements at Freeport-McMoRan's Safford Mine (CAD 10.00)
Lessons learned in 30 years of laboratory liner interface strength tests compared to real world heap leach pad strengths (CAD 10.00)
Constitutive relationships for the representation of a heap leach process (CAD 10.00)
Challenges of large heap leach pad design and construction in a cold region of Northern China (CAD 10.00)
Model analysis of differential settlement for a heap leach constructed on a mine waste storage facility (CAD 10.00)
Recent advances in geosynthetic liner system materials to maximize heap leach pad performance (CAD 10.00)
Hydro-mechanical considerations of high fines content leach ores (CAD 10.00)
Heap leaching treatment of clayey ore at Somair (CAD 10.00)
Linear low density polyethylene geomembranes for cold climate mining applications (CAD 10.00)
Heap leach pipe design, specification, and installation (CAD 10.00)
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