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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments - Full Set of Papers

Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015 is the 2nd of a conference series to share successes in mine water management in extreme environments. These Proceedings are a collection of papers on solutions to the challenges of mine water management. The conference was held in Vancouver, Canada, April 12-15, 2015.

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ISBN: 978-0-9917905-7-9
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Papers (PDF)
Engineering judgment in design storm event selection for projects in extreme environments (CAD 10.00)
Use of water balance modelling in mine facility design (CAD 10.00)
Comparative review of mine water balance modelling approaches in British Columbia, Canada (CAD 10.00)
Snow, rain and ice - management of mine area glacial water at the KSM Project (CAD 10.00)
Glass bead filter packs in water wells for higher efficiency and reduced operations and maintenance costs (CAD 10.00)
Hydraulic testing in geothermal waters and hydrogen sulfide gas at the Hycroft Mine, Nevada (CAD 10.00)
Deep groundwater characterization at the Pebble Site, Alaska, USA (CAD 10.00)
A new methodology for obtaining alternative hydrological data in remote regions (CAD 10.00)
Applying frequency analyses to estimate location-specific precipitation record with limited data (CAD 10.00)
Stream relocation and geomorphic design to improve sustainability (CAD 10.00)
Extending water supply by reducing reservoir evaporation: a case study from Wichita Falls, Texas (CAD 10.00)
Commercial scale novel approaches to water treatment at remote sites in extreme cold climates (CAD 10.00)
Metallic aluminum as a source for ettringite precipitation (CAD 10.00)
Innovative mined zeolites for industrial reuse in an arid environment (CAD 10.00)
Building a multi-stakeholder process to identify and address water issues (CAD 10.00)
Understanding groundwater: a key component of the solution of social conflicts in mining projects (CAD 10.00)
Making the business case for sustainable water management in the mining sector using true cost of water methodology (CAD 10.00)
Best available technologies economically achievable (BATEA) to manage effluent from mines in Canada (CAD 10.00)
Long-term availability of water for solution potash mining in Saskatchewan (CAD 10.00)
Physical-chemical treatment with GeotubeĀ® filtration applied to underground gold mine dewatering in winter (CAD 10.00)
An innovative, economical, and efficient method of metal removal from mine wastewater (CAD 10.00)
Treating high flow discharges with a modular peat-based sorption media system (CAD 10.00)
Mine water treatment by high recovery advanced electrodialysis: pilot results and economics (CAD 10.00)
San Luis Project: process optimization (CAD 10.00)
Providing realistic recharge distributions in arid zones (CAD 10.00)
Bench-scale evaluation and feasibility study results for TDS and sulfate reduction technologies in the desert southwest (CAD 10.00)
The influence of explosive use on nitrogen loading and speciation in an underground mine in British Columbia (CAD 10.00)
Selection of materials in a sensitive environment (CAD 10.00)
LDPE lined high velocity channel design and construction (CAD 10.00)
Optimization of pond design and operation using an integrated modeling approach (CAD 10.00)
Metal uptake in northern laboratory-scale wetlands treating synthetic mine drainage (CAD 10.00)
Performances of lab-scale anaerobic bioreactors at low temperature using Yukon native microorganisms (CAD 10.00)
Water management challenges associated with mining projects in Greenland (CAD 10.00)
Start-up and commissioning of a full-scale selenium treatment facility for mine water treatment (CAD 10.00)
Wastewater treatment using MBBR in cold climates (CAD 10.00)
Building a haul road with mine waste rock - is it really cost effective? (CAD 10.00)
Plenary 2: Climate change in Canada: Observations and projected changes (CAD 10.00)
Plenary 5: Factors affecting fall turnover in brackish pit lakes (CAD 10.00)
Plenary 6: Predicting the effects of climate change on natural and mine affected water systems in a humid climate (CAD 10.00)
Plenary 9: Climate change predictions: a discussion of models, tools and applications for industry (CAD 10.00)
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