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Basics of Metal Mining Influenced Water

Basics of Metal Mining Influenced Water is a must-read for planners, regulators, consultants, land managers, students, researchers, or others concerned about the environmentally sound management of metal mine wastes and drainage quality.

The first of a series of six handbooks on technologies for managing metal mine and metallurgical process draining, this book offers a unique, comprehensive perspective on the subject. Unlike other texts that focus primarily on acid drainage from coal mines, the authors examine both acidic and neutral pH waters that can be hazardous to the environment.

Planning a new mine in today’s increasingly contentious regulatory and political environment demands a different philosophy. Basics of Metal Mining Influenced Water takes an innovative, holistic approach by considering all aspects of the mine life cycle, including closure.

Written by a team of experts from state and federal governments, academia, and the mining industry, Basics of Metal Mining Influenced Water also discusses the major physical and chemical relationships between mining, climate, environment, and mine waste drainage quality.

The authors have included an extensive glossary defining hundreds of technical terms for easier reading and understanding.

Edited by Virginia T. McLemore. Published by SME in 2008. 112 pages.

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