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Building An Opportunity Culture - Mining Edition

Finally… A Change Management Book About Barriers to Improvement and “Free Opportunities” to Mine More Tons, Reduce Costs and Modify Culture!

In the first volume in her “People Side of Improvement” series, Kay Sever exposes the root causes of success and failure with process improvement. She leads the reader through the “improvement experience” using mining case studies about barriers usually only discussed behind closed doors. This edition addresses issues common to surface and underground mines and downstream conversion facilities.

"Top executives have lost contact with day to day operations and corporate offices are out of touch with the underlying problems at their operations. Companies could increase financial stability if they were aware of the losses that these problems were generating. This book raises awareness about those losses and the underlying controllable issues that steal profits and process efficiency." Gordon Barker, CEO, In-Roc Development, Inc.

With today’s record-high metals and coal prices, mining companies expect improvement initiatives to deliver millions of dollars in additional profits. Your initiative may not be meeting expectations for improvement OR a new change management program may be on the horizon. Either way, Building an Opportunity Culture will raise your awareness about the barriers and avoidable roadblocks to the financial success and sustainability of improvement work.

Kay decided to write this book because:

  1. Hidden organizational barriers and behaviors create cultures and paradigms that steal millions of dollars in profits and sabotage improvement programs.

  2. Companies approve unneeded expansion capital because existing capacity is hidden by recurring problems and breakdowns between departments.

  3. Management teams are short-changed in most implementations. They need processes to “manage improvement like they manage operations” and “remove the barriers that only they can remove” to maximize operating and financial results, release employees’ power to improve, and facilitate sustainable change.

About the Author:

Kay Sever implements improvement programs for mining and downstream processing facilities. Her holistic approach to improvement balances tools and methods with a focus on value creation and the “people side of improvement”. With 27 years of mining experience, Kay works with every organizational level and department to find the highest dollar opportunities and remove barriers that prevent sustainable change. She helps management teams lead improvement, better execute budgets, capital approvals, incentive plans, communications, etc., and work together more effectively. See for details on her services and contact information.

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