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Coal in Peru to 2015: Market Brief

ICD Research’s 'Coal in Peru to 2015: Market Brief', provides a top-level, quantitative view of historic and forecast production volume, historic and forecast of imports & exports data. The information in this brief draws upon ICD Research’s in-depth, primary research and proprietary databases to provide you with robust, category specific data. It is an essential resource for professionals active across the industry value chain and for new players considering entry into the market.


  • Features key historical figures
  • Forecast statistics to 2015
  • Historic and Forecast Exports

Reasons to Buy:

  • Identify the market trends in Peru by analyzing the historic and forecast Coal data.
  • Use the industry sizing data to understand the current market position and the forecasts to discover where the Coal in Peru is headed.

No. of pages: 13

Publisher: ICD Research

Publish Date: 30-May-11

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Summary Methodology
2 Peru Mining - Coal Market Size
2.1 Historic Production Volume
2.2 Forecast Production Volume
3 Peru Imports Dynamics
3.1 Historic Imports
3.2 Forecast Imports
4 Appendix
4.1 Methodology
4.2 Contact us
4.3 About ICD Research
4.4 Disclaimer

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