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Designing the Coal Preparation Plant of the Future

Most books on coal preparation focus on theory or day-to-day issues and operations. Designing the Coal Preparation Plant of the Future provides a unique, thought-provoking look at the industry from a different point of view - that of the preparation plant designer or engineer. How can we design more efficient plants and what will plants look like in the future? What are the new techniques for designing plant layouts, monitoring performance, and building-in preventive maintenance? What challenges face the industry and how can operators capitalize on opportunities to maximize yield, reduce costs, and improve efficiency?

These 15 informative, meticulously researched chapters provide a compelling road map of where we?ve been and where we need to go, what we?re doing today, and, most importantly, how we can do it better. Internationally respected experts address these and other issues, offering cutting-edge insights and compelling case histories from industry leaders throughout the world.

Edited by Barbara J. Arnold, Mark S. Klima, and Peter J. Bethell. Published by SME in 2007. 216 pages.

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