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Hoist and Haul 2010: Proceedings of the International Conference on Hoisting and Hauling

Today’s mining professionals must meet the ever increasing challenges of larger, more efficient, and safer ore handling systems. New developments in technology have led to a host of different transport solutions. Design decisions are greatly influenced by these advancements, which can dramatically impact the financial requirements for new projects.

Hoist and Haul 2010 provides the most current, cutting-edge insights into these important issues.

This book is a compilation of the papers delivered at the prestigious “2010 International Conference on Hoisting and Haulage.” It provides a comprehensive update of major developments and lessons learned since the last industry gathering in 2005.

From the handling of ore at the point of extraction to stockpiling on the surface, dozens of case histories document the latest trends in shaft hoisting, incline and drift hoisting, conveying, hydraulic hoisting, rail haulage, tramming, and truck haulage.

Experts involved in key mining projects throughout the world share best practices on the design of systems and components, operations, and economic and safety issues.

Hoist and Haul 2010 is essential reading for anyone in the mine hoisting and underground material transport community, including operators, engineering and construction firms, equipment vendors, consultants, academicians, and government officials.

Edited by Peter Brokenshire and Susan Andersen. Published by SME in 2010. 344 pages.


  • Brakes and Brake Controls
  • Incline Shaft Systems
  • Shaft Guides
  • Innovative Systems
  • Drives and Drive Controls
  • Hoisting System Elements
  • Health, Safety, and Risk
  • Shaft Systems: New and Upgraded
  • Underground Materials Handling
  • Horizontal Transport
  • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Ropes
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