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Identifying, mapping and modelling infiltration into and through mine workings

Paper from the Proceedings of Mine Closure 2015 conference held in Vancouver, Canada, June 1-3, 2015. (downloadable PDF)

Authors: V.O. Kofoed, M.L. Jessop, and D.F. Bierman, Willowstick Technologies, United States

Published by InfoMine Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9917905-9-3
Copyright: 2015, InfoMine Inc.


The responsibility to protect, monitor and maintain groundwater quality will always be a chief obligation of the mining industry. This paper considers a high-speed, minimally invasive groundwater mapping technology called the Willowstick Method. The method has been specifically designed to map preferential flow paths or areas of highest interconnected porosity (transport porosity) within the subsurface. The method has proven effective in delineating and characterising subsurface aqueous systems in many complex hydrogeologic settings for numerous mining clients in a variety of applications. This paper includes three case studies: a tailings impoundment seepage investigation, an investigation of increased selenium levels near a mine site and an acid rock drainage investigation.

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