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Mining Lease Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Mining Lease Handbook contains a collection of mining lease clauses which have been organized and assembled for more than 25 years by Denver mining attorney George E. Reeves.
Widely used by practitioners, companies, law professors, and students since the release of the first edition in 1992, this Second Edition contains a collection of mining lease clauses crossreferenced to enable the user to create a mining lease with a logical structure and consistent terminology.
This updated edition highlights relevant changes in mining law, particularly the substitution of the mining claim maintenance fee for the assessment work requirement. Significant new sections also have been added, such as provisions on limited liability companies, landowner-friendly environmental clauses, a uranium royalty clause, and the option to lease. The accompanying commentary provides valuable insights into the use of the various clauses while pointing out pitfalls to be avoided.
This hardbound book maintains the practical format of the original, making it a valuable and user-friendly reference for readers both familiar with and new to the Handbook.

Hardbound. 327 pages. Published in 2008 by Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation. ISBN: 978-1-882047-40-6

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Style
  • Chapter 2: Mining Lease
  • Chapter 3: Mining Lease with Option to Purchase
  • Chapter 4: Exploration Right with Option to Purchase
  • Chapter 5: Mining Sublease
  • Chapter 5A: Option to Lease
  • Chapter 6: Ancillary Documents
  • Appendix I: Clauses
  • Appendix II: Mining Lease with Option to Purchase
  • Appendix III: Power of Attorney
  • Appendix IV: Corporate Resolution
  • Appendix V: Escrow Instructions
  • Appendix VI: Deeds
  • Appendix VII: Assignments
  • Appendix VIII: Surrender
  • vAppendix IX: Acknowledgments
  • Appendix X: Ratifications

About the Author

George E. Reeves has practiced in the field of mining law since 1966. He has been in private practice in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Denver, and has served as house counsel for Homestake Mining Company and Houston Oil & Minerals corporation. His experience encompasses the entire scope of mining law, from the location, maintenance and patenting of mining claims, through joint ventures and partnerships, mining options, leases, and other types of mining transactions, to the milling, smelting and sales of ores, minerals, concentrates, and metals.

Mr. Reeves is a gradate of the Colorado School of Mines (E.M. 1956) and the University of Arizona College of Law (LL.B. 1964). He is admitted to practice in Arizona (inactive), California (inactive), and Colorado.

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