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Principles of Engineering Geology (Revised Edition)

In Civil and Mining Engineering practice, engineering geology plays a vital role. For an efficient and appropriate judgment in the analysis and execution of any project, it is extremely essential not only to have a basic understanding of the geological processes and products at the site but also for the ground reinforcement at the site to withstand the constructions whether it be dam, tunnel, transportation routes in problematic regions or the shore-protection structures.

Further, in the area of Water Resources Engineering, watershed management and groundwater development are primarily based on the site geology and aquifer evaluation. Thus Engineering Geology is an interface area of Field Engineering and Geology. It has gained acceptability world over as a branch of Civil and Mining Engineering.

The contents of the book are dealt under eleven chapters. The first four chapters deal with the Geological Processes and Products with an emphasis on Engineering needs. The next seven chapters deal with geological considerations in site evaluation, ground improvement, effect of geological features on the choice and construction.

Author: K. V. G. K. Gokhale
Published in 2010
Revised Edition
ISBN: 9788178002187

Table of Contents

  1. Minerals and Rocks
  2. Engineering Properties and Classification of Rock Masses
  3. Weathering and Soil Formation
  4. Geomorphic Processes and Landforms
  5. Crustal Deformation and Geological Structures
  6. Site Investigations and Ground Improvement
  7. Hydrogeology
  8. Engineering Geology in Dam Construction
  9. Engineering Geology in Tunneling Practice
  10. Geological Hazards
  11. Environmental Geology

About the Author

Prof. K.V.G.K.Gokhale after obtaining his undergraduate and postgraduate education at I.I.T. (Kharagpur), was on the teaching faculty at I.I.T. Kharagpur (1958-1966) and at I.I.T. Kanpur (1966-1996) where he was also the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering for few years. He was Emeritus Professor at I.I.T. Kanpur (1996-1998) and has been a Visiting Professor in R.E.C. (now N.I.T.) in Himachal Pradesh.

He was also a Visiting Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok. Since 1998, he has been a I.S.T.E. Visiting Professor. Gokhale has authored numerous research publications at National and International levels and also two books. He has supervised several M.Tech and Ph.D theses of students in the areas of Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Remote Sensing & Geoinformatics, Chemical Engineering and in Materials Science.

He was a recipient of the prestigious awards including the National Mineral Award (1978) of Govt. of India, Deokaran Award (1977) of Indian Ceramic Society and the Coggin Brown Memorial Gold Medal (1982) of the Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India for his outstanding contributions.

He is a Life Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Life Fellow of the Indian Geotechnical Society, Life Fellow of the Clay Mineral Society of India and Member, Indian Society for Technical Education. He has been a member on the Geological Programming Board (U.P.) for over 25 years.

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