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Proceedings of Geosynthetics Mining Solutions 2014 (for PC download)

This electronic proceedings volume for Windows users contains 32 fully reviewed papers presented at the Geosynthetics Mining Solutions 2014 conference in Vancouver, Canada, September 8-11, 2014.
Topics covered include the use of geosynthetics on tailings impoundments and heap leach pads, new ideas and products, geosynthetics performance, and risk management. Several case studies are also presented.
The electronic book is fully searchable using the search bar or the table of contents.

Jack Caldwell, MSc, Robertson GeoConsultants, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Joe Goodwill, MA, InfoMine Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada

419 pp. Copyright 2014, InfoMine Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9917905-5-5


Chapter 1: Tailings Impoundments

A Preliminary Source-Pathway-Receptor Assessment to Ascertain the Need to Line a Uranium Tailings Management Facility | Steven Dorman, Sharon Hazelton, Theo Rossouw, and Terry Harck - 1

Husab Tailings Storage Facility Containment Design | John Cole, Justin Walls, and Ricky Collins - 13

Numerical Modeling of Soil Cover over Tailings Slurry | Ernest Naesgaard, Peter M. Byrne, Jack Caldwell, and P. Sean Wells - 25

Chapter 2: Heap Leach Pads

GCLs in Heap Leach Pads: State of the Art and Practice | T. Meyer and C. Athanassopoulos - 43

Use of a Geomembrane Cover to Increase Ore Temperatures in a Pilot Heap Leach of Chalcopyrite Ore | Todd Schrauf, Mark Smith, and Mark Harris - 57

Geocomposite Alternative to Gravel Drainage Overliner in Heap Leach Pads | Aigen Zhao, David Kruth, and Mark Harris - 69

Effects of Textured Geomembrane and Soil Liner Classification on Leach Pad Liner Shear Strength | Renzo Ayala, Waldo Huallanca, Carlos Soto, and Tania Olaya - 85

Laboratory Evaluation of the Performance of Tubular Drainage Geocomposites for Ore Filtration and Acid Leachate Collection | Eric Blond and Pascal Saunier - 99

Chapter 3: International Practices

Finnish Mine Waste Disposal Areas | Minna M. Leppänen, Juha Laasonen, and Tero Välisalo - 109

Geomembrane Stress Cracking Resistance Using Various Polymers | Carlos López - 123

A Case Study on the Installation of LLDPE Geomembranes in Cold Weather | Mathieu Cornellier and Daniel Tan - 131

Chapter 4: New Ideas and Products

Concrete Cloth: New Construction Tool Changing the Way Engineers Solve Erosion-Control Problems | Ryan McKeever, Ron Drewry, and Kurt Chirbas - 145

The Financial Benefit of Electrical-Leak Location to the Mining Industry | Abigail Beck - 159

Use of an Innovative Geocomposite (Paradrain) to Build a Reinforced 2H:1V Slope Using Clay and Silty Soils for a Storm-Water-Management Pond | Ravin Nag and Jasmina Nikodinoska - 169

Tailings Cover Hydrology for the Central Manitoba Mine Site | Alexandra Nan and Pascal Saunier - 177

Chapter 5: Geosynthetics Performance

Laboratory Test Results on a Bituminous Liner Exposed to a Weak Acidic Solution | Fiona Esford and Gerd Janssens - 193

Chemical Compatibility of a Polymer-Modified GCL with a Mining Water Treatment Filter Cake | Gary Arndt, Melody Adams, Andrew Jung, and Marat Goldenberg - 203

Zero-Leak Liners-Money in Your Pocket | Chris Eichelberger, Shabbir Pittalwala, and Glen W. Toepfer - 215

Antioxidant Depletion from a LLDPE Geomembrane in an Extremely High pH Solution | Fady B. Abdelaal and R. Kerry Rowe - 225

Chapter 6: Geosynthetics Solutions for Mining

Rigid Inclusions for Embankment Support over Waste Phosphatic Clay | Edward J. Garbin, Jeffrey R. Hill, and James D. Hussin - 239

Evaluation of In-Service Performance of Cover Systems that Utilize a Geosynthetic Layer | Greg Meiers, Mike O'Kane, David Mayich, Joe Shea, and Mitchel Barteaux - 245

High-Performance Geosynthetics for Shallow-Cover Void Bridging on Mining and Construction Sites | Brian Baillie and Greg Wright - 257

Low-Permeability Barrier Layers and Cover System Performance: It's More Than Just the Holes | Mike O'Kane, Lindsay Tallon, and Greg Meiers - 267

Chapter 7: Risk Management

Escobal Mine Surface-Water-Management Systems | Daniel Roth and Tony Ottinger - 283

Geosynthetics Quality Assurance as a Means of Managing Environmental Risks from the Project-Containment Design to the Construction Phase | Arnaud Budka, Carl Charpentier, Heather Bremner, and Thierry Jacquelin - 295

Geosynthetics Risk-Based Design in Mining | Franco Oboni, Cesar Oboni, and Jack Caldwell - 309

Chapter 8: Bituminous Geosynthetics

Behavior of Bituminous Geomembranes under Elevated-Compression Stress | Eric Blond and Bertrand Breul - 325

Chapter 9: The Best for Last

Systematic Analysis of the Protectiveness of Heap Leach Liners | Ian Hutchison, Tarik Hadj-Hamou, and Nestor Godinez - 341

Advanced Geosynthetic Systems Mitigate Erosion at Mine Sites by Delivering Closure and Armoring Channels | Melissa Grace and Bradford Cooley - 357

A Numerical Analysis of the Application of Wick Drains for Continuous Backfilling in Mine Backfilled Stopes | Li Li - 369

Innovative Geosynthetic Revetment System to Prevent Erosion under High Flow Conditions | Bradford Cooley, Christopher Thornton, and Bryan Scholl - 383

Geosynthetic Mining Solutions at Copper Tailings Dams: A Review of the State of Practice in Chile | Carlos Cacciuttolo, Jack Caldwell, and Scott Bernard - 401

Author Index - 417

Full table of contents:

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