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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments - Full Set of Papers

Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments, held April 15-17, 2013 in Lima, Peru, was the first of a new conference series to share successes in mine water management in extreme environments. These Proceedings comprise an incomparable collection of papers on solutions to the challenges of mine water management in extremely dry settings, extremely wet settings, and extremely cold settings. Papers also deal with mines where the hydrogeological conditions are complex, and where the geochemistry is a major challenge.

These Proceedings contain 46 peer-reviewed papers written by authors from 17 countries. Topics include the theory of precipitation prediction, practical procedures for mitigating flooding, surface water and groundwater characterization, contaminant loading, impacts on receiving environments, water management and control, and mitigation engineering practices.


  • Jack Caldwell, Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada
  • Jim Cassie, BGC Engineering, Canada
  • David Evans, MWH, Peru
  • Tom Kerr, Knight Piesold, USA
  • James Obermeyer, MWH, USA
  • Andrew Robertson, InfoMine and Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada
  • Shannon Shaw, pHase Geochemistry, Canada
  • Dirk Van Zyl, InfoMine and University of British Columbia, Canada

ISBN: 978-0-9917905-0-0
Copyright 2013, InfoMine Inc.

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Papers (PDF)
Effluent treatment of flotation plants for water reuse (CAD 10.00)
Addressing complexity in water resources modeling for mining water supply in extremely dry areas (CAD 10.00)
Defining the financial value of mine water security decisions in an arid multi-user basin (CAD 10.00)
Sewage water reuse: A contribution to water consumption diminution on sites with extreme thermal conditions (CAD 10.00)
Research on a polymer enhanced mineral liner, with a special focus on desiccation behavior (CAD 10.00)
Mine water management in dry areas of Chile (CAD 10.00)
Dust mitigation: Challenges, technology and solutions (CAD 10.00)
Enviable water recovery in a desert environment: A case study (CAD 10.00)
Development and assessment of water technologies in high rainfall mine sites (CAD 10.00)
Membrane based water treatment technology provides alternative water source and discharge solutions (CAD 10.00)
Installation of infiltration gallery at Greens Creek Mine - Juneau, Alaska (CAD 10.00)
General guidelines for designing stormwater retention ponds in the mining industry (CAD 10.00)
Water management challenges and solutions at dry and wet mines (CAD 10.00)
Estimation of project design rainfall using a frequency-pairing approach (CAD 10.00)
Evaluation of the performance of frequency and chronological pairing techniques in synthesizing long-term streamflow (CAD 10.00)
Hydrological contribution from degrading permafrost and rock glaciers in the northern Argentinian Andes (CAD 10.00)
Frozen dams in permafrost regions (CAD 10.00)
Mine waste cover and water management upgrades in the Subarctic North (CAD 10.00)
A method for deriving sub-permafrost groundwater salinity and total dissolved solids (CAD 10.00)
Thermal performance of a lined tailings dam keyed into a permafrost foundation (CAD 10.00)
The Pebble Project: Using streamflow to quantify precipitation in an extreme northern environment (CAD 10.00)
Climate change: Insights to extremes in precipitation for mining activities (CAD 10.00)
Water management at the Navachab Gold Mine, Namibia, from 2000 to 2012, with a focus on groundwater chemistry (CAD 10.00)
Cleaning regime for reverse osmosis membranes for feed water with high silica concentration (CAD 10.00)
Breach and decant of an acid mine lake by a eutrophic river: River water quality and limitations of use (CAD 10.00)
Long-term impact of acid mine drainage on surface water chemistry at the Smolnik Pyrite Mine (CAD 10.00)
Acid mine drainage from Pan de Azucar Mine, and possible arsenic input in Pozuelos Lagoon basin, Argentina (CAD 10.00)
Passive treatment of mining wastewater with a biochemical reactor at the Standard Mine Superfund site, Crested Butte, CO, USA (CAD 10.00)
Wastewater treatment of high total dissolved solids and acidity at the Cerro de Pasco Mine site (CAD 10.00)
Mine rock drainage: From characterization to assessment of prevention alternatives (CAD 10.00)
Denitrification in a sawdust and sewage sludge barrier system in northern Sweden (CAD 10.00)
Geotest: Field geochemical cells for on-site acid mine drainage monitoring (CAD 10.00)
Development of a hydrogeochemical model to support closure of tailings facilities at hyperarid mine sites (CAD 10.00)
Application of membrane distillation and solvent extraction for water and acid recovery from waste solutions (CAD 10.00)
Modeling coupled hydro-geomechanical-geochemical behavior of leaching pads (CAD 10.00)
DAZA: Chilean National Program for the Integrated Management of Acid Rock Drainage in Arid and Semiarid Zones (CAD 10.00)
Extremely arsenic-rich, pH-neutral waters from the Giant Mine, Canada (CAD 10.00)
A geochemical field barrel program to support waste planning, engineering and permitting needs at the Cerro Corona Mine, Peru (CAD 10.00)
Hydraulic conductivity characterization of fractured rock at mine sites (CAD 10.00)
Impacts of scale on hydraulic characteristics in fractured rock systems: From cores to kilometers (CAD 10.00)
Large scale mine dewatering: A comparison of experiences from different parts of the world (CAD 10.00)
Water balance in extreme conditions: Application to the Andean High Cordillera (CAD 10.00)
Simulation of open pit flooding by incorporating non-linear boundary conditions in 3D hydrogeological models (CAD 10.00)
Engineering in karst terrain (CAD 10.00)
Joint use of natural and artificial tracers to determine infiltration processes and the hydrogeological functioning of a karst system (CAD 10.00)
Design of a dewatering system for a geothermally influenced underground gold mine (CAD 10.00)
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