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New Dimension Metallurgy For the Nineties
DVD (27 Mins)
Your Price: CAD 24.50
The Chemistry of Gold Extraction, 2nd edition
Chemistry of Gold Extraction provides a broad knowledge base to those working in gold extraction and processing industries. It bridges the gap between research and industry through practical application of chemical principles and techniques. SME.
Your Price: CAD 209.00
Fundamentals of Aqueous Metallurgy
This book presents the fundamentals of aqueous metallurgy and its applications in mineral processing operations. Published by SME.
Your Price: CAD 159.00
Principles of Mineral Processing
This comprehensive reference explains how the fields of engineering, chemistry, and computer and environmental sciences contribute to the ultimate goal of economically producing minerals and metals from ores.
Your Price: CAD 154.00
Hydrometallurgy 2008: Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium

This book tackles the newest in primary and secondary resource recovery with sections on environmental hydrometallurgy, research and industrial applications, base and precious metals, and leaching. Published by SME.
Your Price: CAD 185.00

Recommended Contract Practices for Underground Construction
This manual is an indispensable resource for contractors, consultants, suppliers, and owners anticipating underground projects. Published by SME.
Your Price: CAD 123.00
Principles of Mine Planning, Vol. I (2nd Edition)
This book discusses the elements of modern mine planning while emphasizing the need for their integration in the minerals business.
Author: Jayanta Bhattacharya, PhD. Published in 2007. 505 pages. ISBN 81-7764-480-7
Your Price: CAD 60.00
Recent Advances in Mineral Processing Plant Design
This volume is a compilation of engaging and insightful papers from the prestigious 2009 plant design conference. Inside you’ll find the latest thinking from respected academics and professionals from around the world.
Your Price: CAD 159.00
Complete Set of COM 2009 Proceedings
Includes the complete set of proceedings for the 48th Annual Conference of Metallurgists which was held in Sudbury in August 2009. (6 books and 2 CDs)
Your Price: CAD 720.00
Hydrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt 2009
Proceedings of the 2009 International Symposium on the Hydrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt and Valuable Byproduct Containing Materials. (book and CD)
Your Price: CAD 175.00
Pyrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt 2009
Proceedings of Pyrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt 2009
Your Price: CAD 175.00
Zinc and Lead Metallurgy
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Zinc and Lead Metallurgy. Contains thirty papers which cover a broad range of pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical aspects of the commercial production of lead and zinc.
Your Price: CAD 120.00
Copper 2007 Series - Volumes 1 to 7
Includes the complete volume set from the Copper 2007 Series.
Your Price: CAD 800.00
Rate Processes in Metallurgy
This book provides a firm foundation for the study of the fundamental principles of transport processes and kinetics of the chemical reactions that greatly help in carrying out a complete analysis of the rate processes in metallurgy.
Your Price: CAD 55.00
Powder Metallurgy: Science, Technology and Applications
This textbook is written primarily for undergraduate and grad students of metallurgical and materials engineering to provide them with an insight into the emerging technology of powder metallurgy as an alternative route to conventional metal processing.
Your Price: CAD 50.00
Iron Ore Raw Materials (Iron Ore Concentrate, Sinter, Pellets) Production, Market and Forecast in Russia
This report focuses on the research of the current market conjuncture of iron ore raw materials in Russia and forecast of development of the iron ore companies for the period up to 2020. Topics covered include mining of iron ores in Russia, and domestic c
Your Price: CAD 3,415.00
Vermiculite and Products based on it Production, Market and Forecast in the CIS
The report is devoted to research of current standing of market of vermiculite in CIS countries and prospects of its developments. Topics include mining and production of vermiculite in the CIS, prices on vermiculite products, and more.
Your Price: CAD 2,625.00
Wollastonite Production, Market and Forecast in the CIS
This report focuses on research of current market conditions of wollastonite in CIS and forecast of its development. Topics covered include reserves and deposits of wollastonite in the CIS, foreign trade operations in wollastonite, and more.
Your Price: CAD 2,365.00
Beneficiation of Phosphates: New Thought, New Technology, New Development
Provides a comprehensive look into how industry leaders and the R&D community are responding to challenges in the phosphate industry.
Published by SME. 2012.
Your Price: CAD 159.00
Geological and Mining Reports of Underground Metal Mining - Volume II
This eBook in two volumes is a compilation of reports by different firms and organizations currently dealing with different aspects of underground mine engineering.
Editors: Snowden, Anglo American, NIOSH, LKAB and others.
Your Price: CAD 258.00
Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy: 100 Years of Innovation
This book presents more than a century of innovation drivers that have advanced the mineral processing industry. Trends, developments, and improvements are discussed in depth, and likely areas for future innovations are explored.
Your Price: CAD 182.00
Mine Rescue Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Mine Rescue Team Members
This book will be your go-to guide if there’s an accident at your mine. It will walk you through every contingency: properly dealing with mine fires, toxic gases, loss of oxygen, injured workers, and more.
Your Price: CAD 155.00
Project Management for Mining
Beginning with a discussion of mining ethics and governance, this clearly written handbook walks you through all the project management steps.
Your Price: CAD 299.00
Plant Auditing: A Powerful Tool for Improving Metallurgical Plant Performance
Plant Auditing is the first book ever written to show you how to get maximum benefit out of an audit. This comprehensive guide is easy to follow with numerous charts and checklists.
Your Price: CAD 129.00
Update on mine closure, sealing and abandonment practices
Paper from the Proceedings of Mine Closure 2015 conference held in Vancouver, Canada, June 1-3, 2015. Authors: T.A. Gray, R.E. Gray and W.P. Balaz, Jr
Your Price: CAD 10.00
Integrated process control to enhance heap leach performance
Paper from the Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions, 2014 held in Lima, Peru, November 10-13, 2014. Authors: Amado Guzm?n-Guzm?n, Omar Y. C?ceres Hern?ndez, Rajesh Srivastava, and Jay W. Jones
Your Price: CAD 10.00
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