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Sustainable Management of Mining Operations

Today’s mining professionals face unparalleled challenges brought about by globalization and increased environmental awareness. The pressure is on to enhance corporate reputations, achieve higher operational efficiency, improve planning and control, gain access to mineral resources, build trust with stakeholders, attract financing, recruit and retain a quality workforce, and lower costs.

Sustainable Management of Mining Operations provides a holistic, practical approach to achieving these goals.

The key, say the authors, is to create a culture within the organization that recognizes the value of sustainability by effectively integrating economic, environmental, and social considerations. They explore the three management functions that are instrumental in shaping this culture: corporate strategy, human resources, and operations.

Each section of this book focuses on sustainable management from a different perspective, management level, or stage of the mine life cycle. You’ll benefit from real-life, practical insights from 27 internationally respected authors whose job titles have encompassed everything from CEO to master mechanic.

Focusing on real-life experience and not abstract theory, you’ll learn firsthand from case histories written by those who “got their hands dirty.” You’ll see how leading-edge companies are leveraging culture, strong leadership, and organizational structure to capitalize on sustainability.

Sustainable Management of Mining Operations is required reading for mining professionals with operations, human resources, external affairs, or environmental health and safety responsibilities. The book is also a powerful, forwardlooking resource for faculty and students in mining studies programs.

Edited by J.A. Botin. Published by SME in 2009. 392 pages.


  • Mining and Mine Management: Historical Background
  • What Sustainability and Sustainable Development Mean for Mining
  • Strategic Issues in the Mining and Metals Industries
  • Integrating Sustainability into the Organization
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of Exploration
  • Managing Project Feasibility and Construction
  • Mine Planning and Production Management
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