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Underwater Tailing Placement at Island Copper Mine: A Success Story

This book documents an important case study on the use of deep sea tailing placement at the Island Copper Mine on Canada’s Vancouver Island. It is the most extensive study on underwater tailing placement ever conducted. Over the course of 30 years, more than 400 million tons of tailing solids were deposited on the ocean floor with minimal environmental impact. The study examined all aspects of this innovative program, beginning with its initial implementation in 1971 to five years after the mine’s closure in 1995.

This book addresses all of the relevant issues associated with the implementation of an underwater tailing placement program, including engineering, chemical, biological, and environmental considerations.

This text presents the successes and lessons learned from the largest program of its kind. It’s an invaluable resource for mine operators who are considering the applicability of this cost-saving, ecologically sensitive alternative for mine tailing disposal.

By George W. Poling, Derek V. Ellis, James W. Murray, Timothy R. Parsons, and Clem A. Pelletier. Published by SME in 2002. 216 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-87335-214-7

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